Dear complainant!

There is an opportunity to submit your claim online with filling the form of the Board. The sections marked with * is mandatory. We hereby request to give your phone number and e-mail address in order to a faster and more effective way to get you in contact.

We pay your attention according to the Art. 92. Par. 1 of the Police Act that those police measures and omissions fall into the competence of the Board, which arise in connection with the application of Chapters IV, V and VI of the Police Act. Accordingly the Board can proceed and investigate certain measures or acts – and decide whether fundamental rights were violated only on the behalf of the complainant. The complainant has the power to initiate a complaint proceeding, to choose which institution (the Police or as an independent institution the Board) decide about his / her complaint. If the complainant choose the procedure of the Board, a complaint only can be submitted by the person affected by the police action. The complainant can only submit a complaint on his/her own behalf, which means that the Board has to investigate whether the claim is submitted by the claimant or not. For this reason according to the Art. 7. Par. 2. Point b) of the Board Charter the advisors of the Board calls the claimants, whom has submitted their claims electronically to justify their claims with their signatures.

We hereby ask you to send your written and signed form of your complaint by post, e-mail or telefax within 20 days from the police measure taken against you. (However the deadline is missed, the Board cannot initiate a complaint proceeding.)

If you submit a claim by a proxy, or legal representative the authorization about the representation have to be sent to the Board, because without this the Board cannot initiate its proceedings.

You have the opportunity to send us the relevant documents, pictures, records by post, e-mail, telefax.

We would like to ask you to indicate in Section III if you have submitted a claim and initiated a procedure before the Police, or you have made notification in your case before the Prosecutor’s Office, or any office of the Parliamentary Commissioners or at any other body.

According to Art. 93/A. Par. 8. the Board publishes its resolutions on its website in anonymized form. The complainant has the opportunity to protest beforehand against the publication. If you would like to protest against the anonymized publication of the resolution concerning you have the opportunity to do that. If you want to do that, please write it down when filling section “Other”.